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May 7, 2019  

In this episode, bask in our oil barrel full of money as we welcome special guest Mikka Burrell, Beasley Legal Associate Attorney, to discuss oil and all things soccer. Stay tuned to hear what game Brad would challenge aliens from Mars to, if modifying the weather is illegal, and what exactly goes into those terms and agreements we normally skip over.

In this episode, join us as we welcome special guest Mario Moccia, NMSU’s Athletic Director, to discuss all things NCAA and NMSU sports.  Be sure to stick around to hear if Brad is willing to give up social media, how many NCAA organizations really exist, and the legalities of owning catapults in Colorado.

March 27, 2019  

In this episode, hop on the benefits train with special guest Heidi Moccia to gain some knowledge on health insurance and all things Medicare.  Stick around to hear about ancient civilizations, Brad’s national holiday, and employment law. And you can’t forget about our Best Code Ever where we discover some strange facial hair laws. 

March 13, 2019  

In this episode, join us as we swim through the sea of tax season, but not to worry! To keep us from drowning we brought in special guest Akeem Robinson, NMSU assistant strength coach and motivational speaker.  Join us as we dive into discussions about positive thinking, outrageous lawsuits, and why Winnie the Pooh is banned in Poland.

February 27, 2019  

In this episode, take a ride with us to the opportunity zone where we discuss investments in opportunity zones and their benefits. We’re sure to make some pit stops at David’s Legal Corner to discuss security laws and you can’t forget about our Best Code Ever where we will answer the ultimate question: is it legal to keep your own severed body parts?

October 9, 2018  
February 1, 2018  

In this episode, We Are Money is LIVE at the Beasley, Mitchell & Co. 2018 Tax Season Kickoff Extravaganza. With our very special guest, John Garrett from the Green Apple Podcast, we discuss the new tax law changes, probate, and venutre down south with very our own Don Francisco. We also make time for changes to the rules of the road, chess, and what can't be made better by green chile.

June 20, 2017  

In this episode, the We Are Money podcast rips a Singularity down the left field line. Our guest is renown speaker, economist, and futurist, Dr. Lowell Catlett.  We talk about predictions, the future, and the evolving economy. We also discuss Hollywood smells, baseball, and deducting unreimbursed employee expenses. 

May 31, 2017  

In this episode, our guest, Joe Villanueva, from Integra IT discusses consulting on IT and project efficiency matters. We also venture into the world of hit batters, Zillow, soda taxes, and Disney characters.

August 13, 2016  

As we venture closer to election time, the We Are Money podcast, with our special guest Alice Lara from Copper State Consulting Group, delves into the world of politics...and money. We discuss the role of lobbyist and dark money in our political process, propose some Olympic modifications, and ride along with Zorro, ...who apparently is not a fighting chicken at all. Enjoy!

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